Energy Statistics and Greenhouse Gas Inventory

Greenhouse Gas Inventory

The Greenhouse Gas Inventory 1990-2016 [PDF] report contains a detailed inventory of historical greenhouse gas emission data from 1990-2016 for New York State's energy and non-energy sectors.

The Greenhouse Gas Inventory Fact Sheet[PDF] provides a one-page summary of key statistics from New York State’s Greenhouse Gas Inventory report.

Energy Patterns and Trends

In January 2019, the Energy Analysis program published Patterns and Trends - New York State Energy Profiles: 2002-2016 [PDF], a comprehensive storehouse of energy statistics and data on energy consumption, supply sources, and price and expenditure information for New York State. For a bound copy of this report, please call Kathleen Brust at 518-862-1090, ext. 3345.

Fast Facts

The Energy Analysis program maintains a comprehensive set of New York State-specific energy statistics [PDF], as well as analytical capabilities to examine the wide range of energy issues that confront New York by providing staff support to New York's Energy Planning Board.

U.S. DOE - Energy Information Administration (EIA)

The Energy Information Administration collects energy data throughout the U.S. Please visit the Department of Energy's EIA websiteLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page..