Electric Power Transmission and Distribution Reports - R&D Technical Reports

  1. 20-34 New York State Energy Storage Study [PDF]
  2. 19-46 Control-Hardware-in-the-Loop Study of Islanding: 3VO and 3IO Events [PDF]
  3. 19-45 Mitigation Methods to Increase Feeder Hosting Capacity [PDF]
  4. 18-37 Fundamental Research Challenges for Distribution State Estimation to Enable High-Performing Grids [PDF]
  5. 18-32 Estimating the Regional Economic Resiliency Benefits of Community Microgrids [PDF]
  6. 18-13 Design of a Resilient Underground Microgrid in Potsdam, NY [PDF]
  7. 17-23 Evaluation of New York Prize Stage 1 Feasibility Assessments [PDF]
  8. 17-08 High Capacity and Low Cost Lithium-ion Cell for Peak Energy Demand [PDF]
  9. 17-10 Assessment of an Urban Microgrid [PDF]
  10. 16-21 Load Archetypes: A Cross-Sectional Analysis of New York City's Largest Users to Help Accelerate the Deployment of Battery Storage [PDF]
  11. 15-20 Demand Response Providing Ancillary Services with Direct-to-NYISO Connectivity [PDF]
  12. 15-02 Behind the Meter Battery Storage-technical and Market Assessment [PDF]
  13. 14-36 Microgrids for Critical Facility Resiliency in New York State [PDF]
  14. 14-36 Microgrids for Critical Facility Resiliency in New York State - Summary [PDF]
  15. 14-23 Managing Retail Electricity Price Volatility Through Long-Term Renewable Energy Contracts Between Generators and End Users: A Case Study [PDF]
  16. 13-12 VPS Cycle with Steam Feasibility Study for Bulk Power Storage in New York City [PDF]
  17. Assessment of Transmission and Distribution Lossess in New York State [PDF]
  18. 11-23 Deployment of Distributed Generation for Grid Support [PDF]
  19. 10-37 Analysis of the Near Term Impact of Proposed Green House Gas Policies on the New York Electric Power System [PDF]
  20. 10-36 At Load Power Factor Correction [PDF]
  21. 10-35 Microgrids: An Assessment of the Value, Opportunities, and Barriers to Deployment in New York State [PDF]
  22. 10-34 Fast Fault Screening for Real-Time Transient Stability Assessment [PDF|2.5MB]
  23. 10-33 Real-Time Applications of Phasor Measurement Units for Visualization, Reactive Power Monitoring and Voltage Stability Protection Final Report [PDF|11.4 MB]
  24. 10-06 New York Presbyterian Hospital Combined Heat and Power Project Commutating Current Limiter Electric Power Transmission and Distribution (EPD) Program [PDF]
  25. 10-09 Compress Air Energy Storage Engineering and Economic Study [PDF|4.36 MB]
  26. 10-07 Assessment of Retrofit Energy-Saving Devices [PDF|8.25 MB]
  27. 08-08 Demonstration of Commercial Energy Storage Device in Edge-of-Grid Application With and Without a Fuel Cell [PDF|4.84 MB]
  28. 08-05 Mini-Compressed Air Energy Storage for Transmission Congestion Relief and Wind Shaping Applications [PDF|15.8 MB]
  29. 08-06 Grid Frequency Regulation by Recycling Electrical Energy in Flywheels [PDF|19.1 MB]
  30. 07-06 A Guide to Estimating Benefits and Market Potential for Electricity Storage in New York (With Emphasis on New York City) [PDF]
  31. 07-06 Guide to Estimating Benefits and Market Potential for Electricity Storage in New York (With Emphasis on New York City) Volume II Appendices [PDF]
  32. 06-11 A Comprehensive Process Evaluation of Early Experience Under New York's Pilot Program for Integration of Distributed Generation in Utility System Planning [PDF]
  33. 06-13 Transmission and Distribution System R&D Plan for New York State [PDF]