Clean Transportation Reports and Guides

  1. 21-25 Implementation of a Smart, Dockless Bikeshare System and Development of a Bicycling Action Plan in Ithaca, NY [PDF]
  2. 21-16 Self-Driving Electric Vehicles for Smart and Sustainable Mobility: Evaluation and Feasibility Study for Educational and Medical Campuses [PDF]
  3. 21-06 New York State Transportation Electrification Report [PDF]
  4. 20-36 MobileNR Feasibility Study [PDF]
  5. 20-29 Buffalo-Niagara Integrated Corridor Management [PDF]
  6. 20-25 Animating the Electric Vehicle Market in New York State [PDF]
  7. 20-24 Buffalo Main Street: Smart Corridor Plan [PDF]
  8. 20-22 NYSERDA Drive Clean Rebate Adoption Survey: 2017-2018 Results [PDF]
  9. 20-21 Transportation Planning and Street Design Software Pilot Program [PDF]
  10. 20-18 Healthcare-Fleet Optimization Study [PDF]
  11. 20-10 Long-Term Impacts of Shared, Connected, Automated and E-Mobility in New York State: Exploring Hubs of Mobility and Energy Innovation [PDF]
  12. 20-07 NYSERDA Drive Clean Rebate Ownership Survey: 2017-2018 Results [PDF]
  13. 20-03 Residential Carshare Study for the New York Metropolitan Area.[PDF]
  14. 19-40 LED Roadway Lighting Benefits and Costs Collaboration [PDF]
  15. 19-38 Off-Hour Delivery Trusted Vendor Program [PDF]
  16. 19-35 Oneida County Smart Infrastructure Planning Study [PDF]
  17. 19-31 Business Case for Hosting Charging Stations [PDF]
  18. 19-27 Feasibility Assessment of Sustainable Transportation (FAST): Syracuse [PDF]
  19. 19-18 Truck Platooning Stakeholder Workshops and Demonstration Planning [PDF]
  20. 19-17 Implementation of a Regional Greenhouse Gas Reduction Analysis Tool [PDF]
  21. 19-16 Shared Mobility Network for New York State [PDF]
  22. 19-14 Accommodating Freight in Complete Streets: A Guidebook [PDF]
  23. 19-11 Curb Enthusiasm: Report for On-Street Electric Vehicle Charging [PDF]
  24. 19-07 Benefit-Cost Analysis of Electric Vehicle Deployment in New York State [PDF]
  25. 19-12 Technical Primer for Strategies and Techniques for Reducing the Installation and Operating Costs of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) [PDF]
  26. 19-08 Connected Eco-driving Technologies for Adaptive Traffic Signal Control [PDF]
  27. 18-33 New York Truck Voucher Incentive Program (NYT-VIP) [PDF]
  28. 18-31 Go Buffalo Niagara: Scaling Up Transportation Demand Management to the Regional Level [PDF]
  29. 18-28 High Line Corridor Pneumatic Waste-Management Initiative: Pre-implementation Planning Study [PDF]
  30. 18-24 Truck Trip Fleet Optimization Study [PDF]
  31. 18-23 Strategies and Techniques for Reducing the Installation and Operating Costs of EVSE [PDF]
  32. 18-22 EcoTrafiX™ Platform Deployment for Niagara International Transportation Technology Coalition (NITTEC) [PDF]
  33. 18-09 Promoting Workplace Charging in New York State [PDF]
  34. 18-08 Gobike buffalo bicycle Education Campaign [PDF]
  35. 18-07 EV Procurement Review for Public Fleets [PDF]
  36. 18-01 Truck Platooning Policy barriers Study [PDF]
  37. 17-20 Reducing Incident-Induced Emissions and Energy Use in Transportation: Use of Social Media Feeds as an Incident Management Support Tool [PDF]
  38. 17-10 Hunts Point Terminal Market: The Demand for Waterborne Transportation [PDF]
  39. 16-37 Advancing Smart Card and NFC Technologies at the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus [PDF]
  40. 16-34 SmartTrips Ithaca: Encouraging Sustainable Transportation Options Through a Personalized Educational Campaign [PDF]
  41. 16-36 Compressed Natural Gas Short Line Locomotive Study [PDF]
  42. 16-33 Integrated Strategies to Address Emerging Freight and Delivery Challenges in New York City [PDF]
  43. 16-17s Feasibility Study of Smart Electric Vehicle Charging in New York [PDF]
  44. 16-19 Measuring the Impact of Complete Streets Projects: Preliminary Field Testing [PDF]
  45. 16-28 Electric Vehicle Charging Station implementation Plans for the Upstate New York I-90 Corridor [PDF]
  46. 16-25 A Universal Work Zone Network Device - The NetBox(TM) [PDF]
  47. 16-24 Real-time Subway information for Improving Transit Ridership [PDF]
  48. 16-12 Decision-Making Tool for Applying Adaptive Traffic Control Systems [PDF]
  49. Review of New York State Electric Vehicle Charging Station Market and Policy, Finance, and Market Development Solutions [PDF]
  50. 16-04 Buffalo BikeShare Demonstration Project [PDF]
  51. 16-01 New York State Grid-Interactive Vehicle Study: Roadmap [PDF]
  52. 16-02 Electricity Rate Tariff Options for Minimizing Direct Current Fast Charger Demand Charges [PDF]
  53. 15-34 Buffalo Bicycle Master Plan Update [PDF]
  54. 15-36 Interoperable Coordinated Signal System Report [PDF|13MB]
  55. 15-27 Demonstrating Electric Vehicles in Buffalo CarShare [PDF|2.64 MB]
  56. 15-18 Electric Bike Share Feasibility Study [PDF|4.80 MB]
  57. 15-15 Electric Vehicle Tourism in New York State [PDF|5.84 MB]
  58. 15-17 Electricity Pricing Strategies to Reduce Grid Impacts from Electric Vehicle Charging in New York State [PDF]
  59. 15-05 Rochester Area Bike Sharing Program Study [PDF|13MB]
  60. 14-28 Sustainable Roadway Lighting Seminars [PDF]
  61. 14-27: Wireless Global Positioning System Fleet Tracking System at the University at Albany [PDF]
  62. 14-22: New York City Green Loading Zones Study [PDF]
  63. 14-14: A Study of the Feasibility of Pneumatic Transport of Municipal Solid Waste and Recyclables in Manhattan Using Existing Transportation Infrastructure [PDF|10.3 MB]
  64. 14-07: Adaptive Traffic Signal Control for Tarrytown Road in White Plains, New York [PDF|2.12 MB]
  65. 14-17: Advancing Transportation Demand Management Strategies at the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus [PDF|7.26 MB]
  66. 14-16: Demonstration of Idle Reduction Technology for Short-Line Railroads [PDF]
  67. 14-15: Albany Electric Vehicle Feasibility Study [PDF|5.64 MB]
  68. 14-13: Eliminating Trucks on the Roosevelt Island for the Collection of Wastes [PDF|11.9 MB]
  69. 13-15: Compilation of Utility Commission Initiatives Related to Plug-in Electric Vehicles and Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment [PDF]
  70. "Feasibility Study of On-Car Regenerative Braking System for Electric Rail Applications" prepared by Dayton T. Brown, January 11, 2013 [PDF]
  71. 11-08: Electric Transportation Energy Storage System Feasibility Study [PDF|5.43 MB]
  72. Transportation Electrification in New York State [PDF|8.25 MB]
  73. 08-04: Local versus upwind contributions to PM 2.5 Mass and Elemental Concentrations in New York City [PDF]
  74. A Municipal Official’s Guide to Diesel Idling Reduction in New York State (September 2006) [PDF]
  75. Electric-Powered Trailer Refrigeration Unit Market Study and Technology Assessment (June 2005) [PDF|4 MB]
  76. 07-09: Assessing the Total Fuel Cycle Energy and Environmental Impacts of Alternative Transportation Fuels: Development and Use of NY-GREET [PDF]
  77. Summary of Operations: Fleet Demonstration of Shorepower Truck Electrified Parking on the I-87 Northway (December 2005) [ PDF|3.5 MB]
  78. Summary of Operations: Truck Stop Electrification Facilities on the New York State Thruway (January 2005) [PDF]
  79. Installation and Economics of a Shorepower Facility for Long-Haul Trucks (September 2004) [PDF]

Electric Vehicle Guides

  1. ChargeNY: Level 2 EV Chargers - An Ownership Perspective [PDF]
  2. ChargeNY: Workplace Charging - A How-To Guide [PDF]
  3. ChargeNY: Workplace Charging Policies - Best Practices Guide [PDF]
  4. ChargeNY: Site Owners of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations on Commercial Properties - Best Practices Guide [PDF]
  5. ChargeNY: Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installers - Best Practices Guide [PDF]

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