Funding Available to Hire Paid Interns

The future of your business relies on new talent and constantly evolving skillsets, but finding, hiring, and training younger employees who are new to the industry can be difficult. That’s why NYSERDA is pre-qualifying prospective interns and covering up to 90% of their wages through the Clean Energy Internship program.

The goal of the program is to help businesses in the energy efficiency, clean technology, and renewable energy sectors create a pipeline of skilled talent that will help them accelerate technological advancements and meet the demands of new and evolving building systems. A variety of roles and skillsets are eligible for this funding, including, but not limited to, engineering, installation, technical sales, marketing, and research. 

To get started, review our application requirements and apply today or learn more about the program, including detailed eligibility requirements, internship requirements, and what to expect from the process and application. 

Application Requirements

  • Business information
    • Legal Name
    • Address
    • Website
    • Federal Employer ID Number
    • Number of Employees
    • Business locations in New York State
  • Business representative contact information
  • Brief description of the general nature of the internship(s) you plan to offer and how the internship(s) will relate to clean energy. 

Why Hire Interns through the Program?

Investing in your future workforce may be good for your business if you are:

  • Managing skilled employees expected to retire in the near future
  • Having difficulty finding qualified candidates in the energy sector
  • Investing in new equipment, systems, and technologies
  • Looking to support job creation in New York’s growing clean energy economy

How the Program can help your business:

  • Reimbursement for intern wages – up to 90% of intern wages, based on business size
  • Access to a directory of local intern candidates
  • Funding for a variety of intern roles depending on the nature of your business’ clean energy services (e.g., engineering, installation, technical sales, marketing, research).
  • Support for flexible intern schedules (part-time, full-time, flexible internship start and end dates) within a 12-month period and up to 960 hours of intern work (internship packages submitted to NYSERDA before July 1, 2021) and up to 480 hours of intern work (internship packages submitted to NYSERDA on or after July 1, 2021). Note: internship must be clearly distinct from standard, permanent hires to receive funding through the internship program.

How Does The Program Work?

  1. Businesses submit a business application to become an approved Clean Energy Internship Program participating business.
  2. Once approved, businesses submit a job description for each planned internship for NYSERDA approval
  3. Businesses select an intern (bring your own or choose one from the directory of interns who apply directly to the program)
  4. Businesses submit a formal intern offer letter to NYSERDA outlining the details of each internship. Businesses can hire multiple interns through the program (see program details for hiring limits)
  5. NYSERDA reserves funding for an individual internship upon approval of the intern offer letter
  6. Businesses host their intern(s), giving them meaningful clean energy industry experience
  7. Businesses submit intern payroll documentation to NYSERDA to request reimbursement, and NYSERDA issues payment. 

Is My Business Eligible?

The program is open to eligible clean energy businesses* that:

  • Are a private for-profit business, private not-for-profit organization, or a local municipality.
  • Have at least two or more full-time employees or the equivalent of two full-time employees, not counting owners/principals or interns. The two full-time equivalent employee minimum requirement is waived for New York State registered minority-owned, women-owned, and/or service-disabled veteran owned businesses and New York City-certified Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprise businesses.
  • Are registered to do business and have a formal office in New York State
  • Provide one or more eligible energy services, which include services related to research, manufacture, design, procurement, installation, operation, commissioning, technical sales, etc. in the following areas: energy efficiency, renewable electric power generation, grid modernization and energy storage, alternative transportation, renewable fuels.

*Clean energy businesses are defined as energy efficiency and clean technology businesses, including start-up companies. This can also include business or labor management organizations working on behalf of energy efficiency or clean technology businesses. This does not include academic entities or state or federal government entities.

Get Started

Get started by completing the application process and learning more about how the program works. 

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