New $59 Million Program Coming Soon - Spring 2022

This spring, the Clean Green Schools Initiative will be released, which will benefit more than 500 public and private schools in disadvantaged communities with clean energy and energy efficiency solutions, creating a healthier learning environment in schools across New York State. The initiative will offer funding for services that will help schools evaluate, plan for and facilitate energy reduction projects, clean energy projects and indoor air quality projects as well as funding to implement projects that will decarbonize their building portfolio. Additional funding will be provided for students, faculty and staff to engage in clean energy educational opportunities, such as integrating clean energy concepts into the classroom or supporting students to explore clean energy careers.

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Current P-12 Schools Initiative Programs

P-12 is defined as Prekindergarten through Grade 12 Education. The P-12 Schools Initiative encourages schools to lower energy use and utility bills while reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the leading contributor to climate change. There are more than 6,000 public and private schools in New York State. Together they spend roughly $1 billion in annual energy costs while producing approximately 5.6 million metric tons of carbon dioxide or other harmful greenhouse gases. Working with NYSERDA, P-12 schools can lower both.

This initiative promotes clean energy efforts by educating, guiding, and assisting schools that implement clean energy projects and commit to sustainability-focused principles at their facilities and in the classroom.

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