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How does NYT-VIP work?

Voucher Processing Center (VPC)

To help administer voucher requests and applications through the NYT-VIP, the Voucher Processing Center (VPC) is in place to act as the direct interface between the applicant and the NYT-VIP Administrator. All NYT-VIP application forms must be submitted to the VPC for review and approval. The VPC is an important aspect of the NYT-VIP’s streamlined approach to efficiently administer funds to speed up the adoption of advanced vehicle technologies.

Contact the VPC!

Toll Free Hotline: (855) MY-NYT-VIP or (855) 696 – 9884

How to Apply?

NYT-VIP is designed to benefit -
OEM – Manufactures the advanced vehicle technology.
Vendor – Sells the advanced vehicle technology.
Vehicle Purchaser – Buys and operates the advanced vehicle technology.

Below are the key parameters for OEMs, Vendors, and Vehicle Purchasers to successfully participate in NYT-VIP.

Manufacturers – Have Your Advanced Vehicle Technology Approved as an “Eligible Vehicle or Technology!”

Vehicle Eligibility - Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) that manufacture all-electric (EVs), hybrid, compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles or verified diesel emission control (VDECs) technologies for Class 3 to Class 8 vehicles are invited to submit a Vehicle Eligibility Application to the VPC to have the advanced vehicle technology sold through the program.

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Vendors and Dealers – Be “Approved” to Sell Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Emission Controls!

Vendor Approval – Vendors and dealers that sell Class 3 to Class 8 alternative fuel vehicles and DECDs must become an “Approved Vendor” through NYT-VIP. Vendors are invited to submit a complete Vendor Application Packet to the VPC to become an “Approved Vendor.”
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Vendors and Vehicle Purchasers – Take Advantage of NYT-VIP’s Great Incentives and Apply for a Voucher!

Voucher Request – Once a fleet owner (“Vehicle Purchaser”) is ready to purchase an “Eligible Vehicle” from an “Approved Vendor,” the Vendor will submit a Voucher Request Form to the VPC to apply for a voucher incentive.

Voucher Redemption – Once the new vehicle or technology is delivered to the Vehicle Purchaser, the Vendor is redeemed the full voucher amount. A Vendor must submit a Voucher Redemption Form and appropriate vehicle and sales documents to complete the voucher redemption process and receive the voucher incentive.
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Continue to navigate the NYT-VIP website and learn how to participate!

Questions? Contact the VPC!
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