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A Streamlined Approach to Distributing Incentives

NYT-VIP is designed to offer incentives using a simplified purchase voucher. The cost of the electric, alternative fuel vehicle or verified diesel emission control (VDEC) technology is reduced at the time of purchase. An “Approved Vendor” (dealer) requests a voucher for their fleet customer (Vehicle Purchaser) at the time of order and uses a pre-established voucher amount for each Eligible Vehicle. Once the Vehicle Purchaser has received the new vehicle, the Vendor is redeemed the full voucher amount. This same approach has proven effective in spurring clean vehicle sales in California.

NYT-VIP Voucher Processing Center (VPC)

To help administer voucher requests and applications through the NYT-VIP, the Voucher Processing Center (VPC) is in place to act as the direct interface between the applicant and the NYT-VIP Administrator. All NYT-VIP application forms must be submitted to the VPC for review and approval. The VPC is an important aspect of the NYT-VIP’s streamlined approach to efficiently administer funds to speed up the adoption of advanced vehicle technologies.

Contact the VPC! Toll Free Hotline: (855) MY-NYT-VIP or (855) 696 – 9884 Email:
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