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Welcome Fleets!

This page is for fleets that operate diesel Class 3 to 8 trucks and wish to purchase or lease All-Electric, hybrids, or compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles or install verified diesel emission control (VDECs) technologies. Program funds are also available to fleets interested in CNG engine conversions.

In order to be eligible for the NYT-VIP program, a fleet must meet certain criteria:

New York State Electric Truck – Voucher Incentive Fund (NYSEV-VIF):

New York City Alternative Fuel Vehicle – Voucher Incentive Fund (NYCAFV- VIF)

New York City Private Fleet Diesel Emission Reduction – Voucher Incentive Fund (NYCDER-VIF):

IMPORTANT: New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT) is currently offering an incentive program for fleets operating out of Hunts Point Market in New York City (see A vehicle cannot receive funding from both NYT-VIP and the Hunts Point Clean Trucks Program. Information will be verified, and it is prohibited to apply to both programs for the same truck. Measures are in place to ensure compliance with this requirement. All Eligible Vehicles must be approved by NYSERDA for each Vendor. Lease agreements will be eligible, as long as the term of the lease is not less than seven (7) years.

Three Steps to Obtaining Voucher(s)

STEP 1. Select an Eligible Vehicle or an Eligible Technology (verified diesel emission control (VDEC) technology).
STEP 2. Work with an “Approved Vendor” (dealer).
STEP 3. Submit a voucher request through the “Approved Vendor” to the Voucher Processing Center (VPC). The Vendor submits the voucher request, and deducts the voucher amount from the purchase/lease price.

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